In this course we will teach you to be a professional model and teach you how to kick start your modelling career in the competitive world of fashion.

Our Course in Brief and Benefits:

Course Duration : 45 days

  • Weekly 2 classes
  • Theory & practical sessions.
  • Personal Grooming
  1. Introduction of Modelling
  2. Modelling Industry Past/ Present  and  Future
  3. Types  of  modelling
  4. Introduction to fashion
  5. Catwalk Techniques / Posing
  6. Types  of  Choreography
  7. Ramp walk
  8. Camera Walk
  9. Skin care and make up
  10. Hair styling and various Trendz
  11. Casting techniques for TVC and male grooming
  12. Photographic posing technique and how to find your best angel
  13. How to pose – the difference between High Fashion, Catalogue, Editorial poses etc.
  14. Preparing & presenting yourself at Casting & auditions
  15. Attitude& agency etiquette
  16. Stage presence, Flair and Charisma
  17. Preparing yourself for Mr. India etc and various other contests &Pageants
  18. High Fashion Styling –Clothes & Accessory Management
  19. Backstage Preparation
  20. High Fashion Styling  – how to  work with  your Body &  Face Shape
  21. Diet and nutrition towards healthy living
  22. Dos and Don’ts of modelling world
  23. Right modelling agency for you
  24. Personality Development to enhance and groom the unique personalities of students
  25. Portfolio Planning – the right portfolio expert photographer
  26. Networking – how to promote yourself in fashion Industry
  27. Mock shoot  pictures  taken  by  Ace Photographer  (given to  students)as a  stepping  stone  towards to modelling
  28. Etiquette and communication skills

Course 1 – Ramp walk

Duration 6days

  • Time Managment 
  • Confident RampWalk
  • Traditional Walk
  • Western walk
  • Posing on the ramp.
  • Ramp Etiquettes
  • Personal Grooming

Course 2 : Poses Course for Brand shoots.

Duration 6days

  • Standing Pose
  • Facing the camera
  • Profile pose
  • Three Quarter pose
  • Against a wall
  • Sitting pose
  • Rest you hand in your hands
  • Angled sitting
  • On the floor
  • Face pose
  • Use ur Hands
  • Head tilt
  • Over the Shoulder
  • Laying down
  • Standing poses with props
  • Sitting on stairs or on a chair
  • Floor pose
  • Laying on stomach pose\ laying sideways

Your Benefits with us:

 * Chance to be a Paid Model

 * Paid fashion shows

 * BRAND shoots 

 * can be a professional model for Holdings, Catalog.

* can get chances in Films, album songs, short films.